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Mostly Miscellany, Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve

I'm still pissed. Possibly even moreso.

  • The fourth NBA Blogosphere Poll Rankings are up at YAYsports!. The Kings end up at #23. The end is nigh.
  • Wishes were granted when launched recently. We're in full support of this, and will try to work out some sort of cooperation with the creators in the next few days. Meanwhile, our petition has some new signatures. And despite being somewhat technologically-challenged, is plugging along. Let's all continue to stand up and stomp and scream and all that crap.
  • Here are the game scores from last night's game. Consider it my opening statement in The People vs. Rick Adelman's Shitty Rotation.
Name    Game Score
Reef       21.4
Martin     16.6
Bibby      15.4
Miller      7.4
Peja       6.6
Wells      5.0
CWill      2.6
Skinn      0.3
Kenny     0.1
Hart      -1.1
Garcia    -3.3

So yeah, Bonzi contributed almost as much to the team before he got injured in the first quarter than Peja did in four quarters plus an extra period. Worth mentioning.
  • If you didn't a week or so ago, please vote in the poll on the right. Yeah, it looks buggy. But it works!
  • The Pistons are running away with the East, and it's about to get worse. Colts-esque, really.
  • If ESPN or SI or CBS Sportsline or FOXsports doesn't hire Kevin Pelton soon, they should be ashamed. The great writer looks at interesting notes from the Left Coast on the constantly improving Courtside Times.
I really hope I wake up to headlines screaming about Luol Deng and/or Marc Iavaroni. Really.