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Bonzi Out 3-4 Weeks; Peja Out At Least a Week.

Alright, who's the jackass that said, "Can things get any worse?"

A press release from the official website breaks the news. Bonzi has a partial groin tear and Peja has a protruding disc in his lower back.

F*cking hell.

So essentially, we're without our early season co-MVP for at least a month, and our biggest trade chip/best deep threat is sitting for at least three games.

This isn't unnormal for Kings fans, the injury bug. But it's salt in the wound when you're 10-15.

We might see a starting lineup of Bibby/Martin/Garcia/Reef/Miller tomorrow night against Dallas, though I'd prefer Bibby/Martin/Corliss/Reef/Miller, to get Nasty some extended minutes. Maybe a couple of Jamal Sampson sightings would be nice, too.

I'm going to go get a paper bag ready now. And some gin.

Update [2005-12-21 20:0:59 by TZ]: Amick has a story up. Adelman tells him that Kevin Martin will start at shooting guard, but that he hasn't decided about Peja's replacement yet. Pretty telling, considering Francisco started at the small forward the three games Peja missed with the bum pinky. Is Adelman thinking Kenny Thomas? I vote Corliss. In the comments, Jubilado says "I told ya so," Krazy4Kings is ready to continue to be embarassed and Carl calls for the end of the experiment.