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The Game That Shall Forever Be Known As "The Ronnie Price Game"

I don't want to write too much about the game right now, mostly because I didn't see stretches of it and I plan on watching it this morning. But I do present the following, which shows you what each player's Game Score would've been had they played 40 minutes (and theoretically kept their play up):

Player      GS/40
Cisco       7.3
Reef        5.1
B-rad       11.2
Kevin       7.3
Bibby       14.0
Nasty       21.3
Hart        0.0
Kenny       6.9
Price       16.7

So yeah. There you go. I was hoping for a little more from KMart, and Reef had his worst game since in a long time. But still. It was so ugly in the first quarter that to lose by less than 40 was a feat in itself.

Oh, and uh Jason Hart? I'm sorry, but uh you have been dismissed. Ouch.