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GAME 27/82: vs. Portland, Open Game Thread

A late Christmas presents for Kings fans? Here's my personal list:

  1. A win.
  2. Plenty of playing time for Ronnie Price.
  3. A start for Corliss.
  4. 20+ points from Kevin Martin.
  5. No more Dirk Nowitzki unless Peja is playing him.
  6. At least one assist from MB10.
  7. Some tickled twine for Shareef and Brad.
  8. A speedy recovery for Bonzi.
  9. Like two minutes of Skinner.
  10. The good graces of God for Francisco.
Let's get to those projected starting lineups:

PG - Sebastian Telfair
SG - Martell Webster
SF - Darius Miles
PF - Zach Randoplh
C  - Joel Pryzbilla

PG - Mike "All I Want For Christmas is for R.E. Graswich to Leave Me Alone" Bibby
SG - Kevin "All I Want For Christmas is a Visit From The Consistency Fairy" Martin
SF - Francisco "I Hate Christmas" Garcia
PF - Shareef "All I Want For Christmas is The F'n Playoffs" Abdur-Rahim
C  - Brad "All I Want For Christmas is Some Skoal" Miller

The line: -7.5. Hmm... I know the Kings are a lot better than the Blazers. But still. This team is 10-16. Do you need much more of a red flag as to why betting on the Kings and laying 7.5 is a risky proposition?

Fun bet o' the night: Portland layups/dunks. It will be many. The key for Sacramento is to limit their made jumpshots.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The young young backcourt of the Blazers. That team could be really good or really horrible in a couple years, depending mostly on Telfair, Webster, Jack, Monia and Miles. Pryzbilla, who's destined to become a top-5 free agent this offseason, figures greatly too, but I doubt the Blazers will be able to keep him.

Best matchup: TZ vs. TiVo. Over/under on curse words: 15. Over/under on needless and senseless rewinds: 12. Over/under on very useful fast forwards during questionable halftime segments: 1.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Game time at 7 p.m. Let's do it! (`It' meaning win a game.)