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GAME 28/82: vs. Boston, Open Game Thread

Last game of 2005. Good riddance.

Don't get me wrong. Big stuff happens in the Oh Five - the Christie trade, the Webber trade, the Bobby trade, the Peja trade. Oh wait. That one hasn't happened yet. Shucks.

Remember when Paul Pierce for Peja was the trade rumor of choice last season? Ah, those were the days. Any question as to which GM would that exchange? Pierce should be in the All-Star team's starting lineup. Peja isn't gonna get close enough to scalp tickets to the All-Star Game.

Now, Boston might be in the market for a veteran point guard (Gary Payton? oh wait..) and might want to unload Mark Blunt, err Blount. The Kings will more likely be a bit more active in the trade market, probably looking to get something for Peja and Kenny Thomas, though perhaps not until injuries subside.

Speaking of Peja and injuries, who knows if he'll play tonight. I'm not sure it matters, really, as far as the game goes. The team is 3-2 without him and, um, 8-15 when he plays. It's not a causal relationship, but it's certainly suspicious.

I hadn't yet found a reason to put weight in Chris Sheridan's writing for until today, when I read his Western Conference grades. He gave the Kings an 'F.' Well done, Chris. Well done. (Though I don't see why Houston deserves a 'D'. Their expectations were as high, injuries or not. Come on. It's lonely at the bottom, man.)

Sorry if I'm bringing you down this New Year's Eve Eve; this whole getting-blown-out-at-home-to-a-crappy-team followed by blowing-the-hell-out-of-a-good-team-on-the-road thing is draining.

To the lineups:

PG - Delonte West
SG - Dicky Ravis
SF - The Truf
PF - The President Al Jefferson
C  - Raef Lafrentz (Does he suck or rule these days? I can't keep up with his career.)

PG - Mike "Want a dime, asshole Kings fans? Here's ten, bitches" Bibby.
SG - THE Kevin Dallas Martin Jr.
SF - The Louisville Lip, Part II. (Maybe.)
PF - The Kenny Thomas Show.
C  - Brad "I want a shot at the Mamba; that bitch better not get suspended before we come to town" Miller.

The line: -1.5. Nope.

Fun bet o' the night: From Bodog, Paul Pierce at +/- 26.5 points. I say no. (Because Al Jefferson is going to put up 30.)

Sideshow most likey to be entertaining: Grant Napear and how he treats Kenny Thomas' play. I didn't hear the interview in question, just the chatter from Mike and Grant following it. If all the stuff those who heard it is true, we could see a ball fired towards press row. Could be entertaining.

Best matchup: I was going to use "Peja vs. his inner demons and nagging injuries," but apparently I've blown that load. So, um, Kings bench bigs vs. the Celtics'. Blount and Perkins are better than Skinner and Corliss, but also lazier and more likely to be under the influence of marijuana.

Seven o'clock on News 10. Have fun.