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GAME 17/82, Vs. Minnesota, Open Game Thread

Being sick sucks.

Instead of giving you remarkable insights as to why Kevin Garnett will never be traded, how the Kings can beat the Wolves, why losing to Golden State and Miami isn't the biggest deal, or how humiliating it would be to slip into last place, I simply give you Corliss Williamson:

It was nice to get to .500, and now we've got to put a string of wins together so we can get up there and stay there.

Um... yeah. Let's go Kings?

Your projected starting lineups:

PG - Marko Jaric
SG - Wally Sczerbskjggnigbak
SF - Trenton Hassell
PF - Big Trade Chip
C - Stockton's Finest

PG - MB10
SG - Bonzo
SF - Whatever.
PF - SARry for cursing the team, guys.
C  - Where's my Skoal?

The line: -4. The Wolves aren't very good, but I'm certainly not giving up points. Plus, it's always a nailbiter when Minny comes to town.

Fun bet o' the night: How much flem will TZ conjure up? +/- 16 pounds.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Against this team, KG might get the elusive 30-30 game. It'd be entertaining, if not dehabilitating.

Best matchup: Peja vs. the Pinky. He's promised that he's not going to sit, that he's going to play through it. Hey PEJA! Don't you know we're trying to build your trade value? When you shoot like crap, it doesn't help us! Stop sucking so we can ship you to L.A. or Chicago or Houston, please.

And that's about all I got. Enjoy the game. And pray we can string together a couple of wins to get to .500 and stay there. Yeah.

(And the official Rick Adelman Guillotine Watch has begun. Losing this one could just send the revolters into a frenzy.)