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Kill the Messenger

Alright, I'm convinced. It's time for Geoff Petrie to wave his wand at Rick Adelman's career with the Sacramento Kings and say avada kedavra.

It's over. Isn't this why they call coaches entering what appears to be their last season with a team as "lame ducks?" Isn't this the fear going into a season with a guy who has made it well known that he's not signing another stinking contract with this team? I mean, did the Maloofs and Petrie not realize that pissing Rick Adelman off by pursuing Phil Jackson (in vain) could, you know, make Rick Adelman feel more alienated?

It's a tough situation, because you can only blame a coach for his players being lazy so much - at some point, these multi-millionaire 20somethings shouldn't need motivation to play hard. And you can only blame the management for pursuing a more highly respected coach so much - Adelman should be man enough to let the water run off his back and do everything he can in the practice gym and on the bench to prove he's as good or better than Phil.

Pulling his starters for most of the second half may have been his only option last night, I understand that. But because he did that and because he won't be back next year, he's lost all credibility with the starters.

There's no way he can keep coaching this team. It's practically impossible at this point. Other than having a little pride in their game and their names, why wouldn't Bibby and Peja and Brad ignore Adelman? They're just going to have to answer to someone else in a couple months, right?

It's over. It was a nice run, and he almost won a title for us. But seriously, it's over.