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I Love This Game

Two things have waken me up to the overall crappiness of the NBA this season.

The first is the Carnival of the NBA #20, written by the fantastic Paul at Attack of the Supersonics. It's amazing how many bloggers are pissed off with their team.

The second thing that made me realize the NBA is teh suck is the third NBA Blogosphere Poll Rankings, as compiled by our friends at YAYsports!. The results follow.

Ranking the Association is difficult, given the number of mediocre to poor teams that exist.

For what it's worth, our top three matched the collective's. We decided to punish our Kings, ranking them #27 (ahead of Portland, Toronto and Atlanta). We were harsher than everyone else - as you can see, Les Rois landed at #21.

But I figure that by lowering my expectations to the bare minimum, this team could surprise me. Fingers crossed!