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Introducing: The Rick Adelman Dead Pool

Here's the deal: we all know Rick Adelman is probably not surviving this season.

The real question is when it will happen. That's why we're bringing you The Rick Adelman Dead Pool. Essentially, you pick a date when you think the axe will come out.

And if it falls on your day, you win a free Sactown Royalty t-shirt (when we actually design a t-shirt - it's hard work) and usage of the username "Geoff Petrie" for one day.

Look at the schedule, read the Bee, Google his name, blah blah blah. If someone has selected a day, it's off-limits to everyone else. Use the comments section of this thread to make your guesses. No purchase necessary.

Also, feel free to use this thread to berate the coach for whatever crime you feel comfortable in accusing him of.