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GAME 19/82, vs. Houston, Open Game Thread

So we get to play the Rockets for the second time this season. How lucky are we that we played them before T-Mac went down and right after he comes back?

Only one Western Conference has been more disappointing than the Kings so far this season, and it's been the Rockets. There's an excuse for Houston, though - McGrady is one of the two real options they have on offense, and he's been out weeks.

The only injury for SAC has been the pinky sprain. Even then, the Kings won two out of the three Peja sat out. What excuse to the Kings have for their subpar record, other than that they stink?

Let's just get to the starting lineups before I drown myself in my own blood...

PG - Rafer Alston
SG - Derek Anderson
SF - Tracy McGrady
PF - Juwan Howard
C  - Ming Yao

PG - Michael Bibby
SG - Gawen Deangelo Wells
SF - Predrag Stojakovic
PF - Julius Shareef Abdur-Rahim
C  - Bradley Miller

The line: -2. Again, you're a fool to bet on this team AND give points.

Fun bet o' the night: Brad Miller's hard fouls on Yao. It had better be somewhere around 3. Probably zero, though.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Kevin Martin. He's got to want to shoot someone, no? Adelman's rotation makes absolutely no sense.

Best matchup: Yao vs. Brad. Miller seriously need to extend Yao from the basket, and he needs to keep his body on Yao to prevent those annoying turn-around dunks.

Let it be known that this is the game that the Adelman Axe Watch becomes national news - yeah, SI has mentioned the hot seat, but this is national TV baby. I'm holding to my Monday guess.