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Travel is Dangerous

I know that the home record smells like a batch of pea soup left in the fridge too long: 6-7 at home sweet home ain't good for any team, especially a squad that typically protects its house so well.

What's more worrying than the woes in Natomas is what's to come. Don't forget that this team is 1-5 on the road so far this season, with the win coming very early in Phoenix (who now happens to be on an absolute tear). The five losses were not at the powerhouse cities of the league, either - they were in Oakland, Seattle, Denver, Oklahoma City and Houston.

The fact that Sacramento is a very gross 7-12 is depressing, no doubt. More depressing is that 13 of those 19 games were in ARCO - that's just under a third of all home games the Kings will play this year!

The schedule is absolutely backloaded with roadies. After the All-Star break, only 13 of the remaining 29 games will be held at ARCO. In March alone (the month when playoff pushes are assumedly made), 11 out of the 19 games are on the road. Not good.

Not to underestimate how poor the Kings have been at home this season, but looking at the road splits is terrifying. Overall, the Kings have a .492 eFG, good for 10th in the league. Sacramento's road effective field goal percentage? .469. That's competing with Toronto's shooting mark.

The worst isn't yet upon us. The part of the schedule that we were supposed to get fat on just left, and we're emaciated. It's hard to find food on the road, especially in places like San Antonio and Detroit.

This will not end well.

(By the way: The new Mogwai record, to which this entry owes its title, is amazing. A-mazing. And no, I'm not a pirate. Go away, RIAA.)