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GAME 34/82: At Houston, Open Game Thread

Argh. To the lineups.

PG - Rafer Alston
SG - David Westley
SF - Not Tracy McGrady
PF - Juwan Howard
C  - The Dikembe Mutombo

PG - Michael Bibby
SG - Kevin Dallas Martin Jr.
SF - Predrag Stojakovic
PF - Kenneth Cornelius Thomas
C  - Bradley Alan Miller

The line: The Kings are giving 3.5 points. Absolutely insane. Absolutely, unbelievably insane.

Fun bet o' the night: Mutombo blocks? How about... 8.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Come on... it's Mutombo!

Best matchup: Miller vs. Mutombo. If Miller can't draw Big Sexy out of the paint, the Kings might not get any layups while Mutombo is in the game.

Repeated apologies for the lack of content; promise to catch up with it soon. Um, go Kings.