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GAME 35/82: At New Orleans/Oklahoma City/Baton Rouge/Norman, OK, Open Game Thread

(Just a quick note to start off: These game threads are open threads. Complain about the rotation, the backcourt defense, the interior defense, the offensive rebounding, the defensive rebounding, the referees, the halftime segements - anything. And feel free to pimp your site in your signature - we aren't like other uppity Kings fans communities in thinking our underarms don't stink. In fact, our underarms don't stink, but we just don't like touting that as a reason why you should succumb to our fascist ways. Like other Kings fans communities.)

We're going going, back back, to Norman Norman (that's in Oklahoma).

It's a shame that Wayman Tisdale couldn't be along for the ride. Tizzle is, of course, like the third greatest NBA player from the University of Oklahoma (Alvan Adams and Clifford Ray probably exceed him) and arguably the greatest basketball player from the city of Tulsa (John Starks is the biggest contender).

And while B-Ref hilariously has Tisdale's hall of fame chances at 1/10th of one percent, well that's OK. Because we love Tizzle.

The Great Tisdale was the second pick in the 1985 draft, behind Patrick Ewing. Sacramento (or um, Kansas City) picked noted craphead Joe Kleine with the sixth pick that year. Doh. (Also, for humor's sake, Kleine's HOF probability, according to B-Ref, is .000; you can't make stuff like that up. I love the HOF probability machine.)

So it's with Tisdale in mind that we bring you tonight's projected lineups.

PG - Chris "Rookie of the Year" Paul
SG - JR Smith
SF - Desmond "Never Been A Dunk Champion?" Mason
PF - David "Mister" West
C  - P.J. "Old Man" Brown

PG - Iverson-Lite
SG - Vinsanity-Lite (and with a way weird shot)
SF - Tayshaun-Lite (we're talking about Francisco here)
PF - Mailman-Lite (reeeeeeal light)
C  - Divac-Lite (actually, maybe ultra-Divac?)

The line: +4.5. Bleh. I don't know how much I rely on this Kings team's pride, but I can't imagine they'll lose a blowout in Norman tonight. I'd take the Kings and the points. Four-and-a-half isn't too tiny.

Fun bet o' the night: Old Man Brown smells blood. So when I see +/- 7.5 rebounds on Bodog, I feel like putting some serious dime on it.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: I think it's clear Mike Bibby will have zero opportunity to actually stop Chris Paul himself, and Kevin Martin is probably not quick enough to keep up with the kid either. So, shootout anyone?

Best matchup: Brown and West vs. Miller and Thomas. This is scariest thing about this game - Sacramento can absolutely not stop those two in the post. Unless, of course, Corliss and Skinner get some minutes against them.

5 p.m. start, ladies and gentlemen. Two in a row, once more? Fourth game in six days. Vengeance match. Rubber match. Do it guys!