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Owned by Oklahoma (and Everyone Else)

Alright, I'm just going to say I'm damn glad there are no more games scheduled for Oklahoma this season.

What a pitiful game. I mean, I thought the second quarter was absolutely horrendous, but the third quarter takes the cake. The Hornets missed something like their first 8 shots that quarter. Did the Kings cut the gap? Yeah, to 10. Then they gave them all right back at the end of the quarter. The Kings were consistent, don't get me wrong. But they were consistently horrid.

You'd think there would a limit to the number of wholly embarassing losses the Kings would suffer this season before something would happen - you know, a starter benched, a coach fired, a player traded, a GM axed. But no. There's no limit. Let's count them off:

  1. The opener against New Orleans/Oklahoma City. 67 points? One hell of a bad omen.
  2. At home against Detroit. This is one of those contests they should call after the third- you know this team ain't even thinking about coming back against that team.
  3. At home against Denver. You go into the fourth trailing by 1. You lose by 16. Hrmmm.
  4. At home against the Knicks. Wow, that was a depressing game.
  5. The home game against Minnesota. The offense was the most anemic I've seen in Sacramento since like 1989.
  6. Home against Houston. Don't call it a comeback.
  7. At Charlotte. Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Burleson and Bernard Robinson Jr.: Kings killers.
  8. At home against Dallas. Giving up with six minutes to go is poor show.
  9. At home against Portland, the worst team in the West. Insult, injury - eff it all.
  10. At home against the Pacers. The game that was over at halftime. Seriously. It was over.
  11. Last night, at the OU Sooners. Yeah.
So there you go. Eleven embarassing losses this season. Some, like the Detroit and Dallas games, are probably less embarassing than the others. But still, when you give up like that, it's depressing. And embarassing so there.

The season is a disaster in every way, shape and form.