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Yay. The Kings beat a horrible team at home by 4, despite being up by as many 12 in the fourth quarter. Joy of freaking joys.

It only took career efforts from Mike Bibby and Kevin Martin, an All-Star performance from Brad Miller and the inability of Brian Hill to see that Dwight Howard could not be stopped last night. But still, a win is a win.

Some quick thoughts on the Orlando Magic:

  • Travis Diener needs to be drawn and quartered.
  • Jameer Nelson > Steve Francis.
  • Grant Hill is quite good, though I think Francisco did quite a good job on him. I'm loving Francisco all over again. His defensive energy is relentless. Relentless, I say.
  • Dwight Howard will be the Tim Duncan to Amare Stoudemire's Kevin Garnett.
How about some other thoughts from the game?
  • Grant Napear: I know that Mike Bibby had a terrific second quarter and all. But when he hits his first shot of the second half, you might want to refrain from the "sprinkler system" chatter. Even in NBA Jam, quarter and halftime breaks negated players heating up and catching on fire. At least let Bibby make three jumpers in the second half before you pull out the big guns, alright?
  • Pardon me for criticizing a guy who put up 42 points on 23 shots, but why did Bibby stop going to the rack once he started hitting shots? He could've had 50, had he gotten to the line more often in the second half. Allen Iverson would've done it.
  • Francisco played much better than his box score indicated. Nice defense, great energy, rarely a down moment.
  • Was Peja in attendance last night? Because Bonzi and Shareef were. I can't not believe Petrie is on the verge of shipping Peja out. It has to happen, right? Right? (Oh, the agony.)
  • Sorry about missing a game thread. Use this one, should you have any thoughts from the game.
  • Jim Kozimor: Comedic gold. Tank Thompson: Frightened by cameras.
That seems like it for now.