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I was quite nervous when I saw the title of this post at 120 Proof Ball.

Honestly, I should have quite a fisking coming from Todd and Torsten, as I absolutely ripped their assessment of the Kings' offseason.

But they went light on me. Thanks, guys. But on Bibby... he disappears for complete games at times. He has a lot of swagger, but easily jilted confidence. And he hasn't yet become Iverson in the aspect of just driving to the basket when the shot doesn't fall. If he did that, he'd get 20 a night, every night.

To top it off, he's distributing well enough, having finally eclipsed Brad Miller as the team's assist leader. And his defense, still suspect due to his size and lack of lateral quickness, at least exudes some effort these days.

So, in the spirit of 120 Proof Ball, cheers to Mike Bibby. Take those shots.