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Adelmania is Boiling Over

Most insightful thing I've read today, courtesy of the game coaching index at

Rick Adelman's relatively low rank isn't much of a surprise, either--after 16 years of coaching in the league, he still looks lost at times on the bench.

That's our coach!

Speaking of which, I think the poll on who should replace Adelman has run its course. (Actually, I was waiting for Terry Porter to jump over Eric Musselman. It happened, which should please Mike Bibby. Because, you know, TP would probably be a whole hell of a lot easier on MB10 than Muss would be.)

Here are the final results:

Terry Porter      21%
Eric Musselman    19%
Other/Not Listed  13%
Elston Turner     12%
Paul Silas        10%
Mike Budenholzer   7%
Marc Iavaroni      6%
John Whisenant     4%
P.J. Carlesimo     3%
Jerome Jenkins     1%

I voted for Bud, for what it's worth. I expected more love for Iavaroni, less for ET and none for Jenkins. Let it be known, though, that that singular vote for JJ came over the weekend. It may or may not have to do with Sac State's status as juggernaut of Big Sky. (Positively giddy, I am.)

New poll up sometime soon. New head coach, too, hopefully.

(Oh, and pardon the post title. Consider it my overstated ode to Grant Napear.)