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Golden State Warriors: Again, Teh Suck

Of course, they had to blow Seattle out last night.

Nonetheless, my "Around the Blogosphere" column on Golden State's 2006 woes is up at Courtside Times. In it, Mike Dunleavy Jr. gets called "Daddy's little princess," Troy Murphy is scolded for valuing rebounds over defense, and I write this about The Dubs and identity theft:

It seems possible to me that the 05-06 Warriors could be the example against teams turning to the Mike D'Antoni offense without the right personnel or coach. Look at the team stats: Phoenix is first in pace, GSW is 7th. Phoenix is 6th is offensive efficiency, GSW is 14th. Phoenix is first in effective field goal percentage, GSW is 19th. Golden State is trying to be Phoenix, but doesn't have the right parts.

Enjoy, if that's your cup of tea.