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The L.A. Lakers All-Evil Team: Honorable Mentions

I really hate to move past the Kings' throttling of the Suns Tuesday night so quickly. As Grant, Amick, Gerould and others have all said it was the most satisfying win of the season. I mean, you don't beat a division leader by 29 every day (unless you're the Pistons). So it feels terrific, honestly, especially knowing that Shareef, Bonzi and some Serbian small forward are on the road to recovery.

But, as the great Corky Thatcher would say, life goes on.

So, in the run-up to the Kings' epic battle Thursday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, we're rolling out our list of the five most evil Lakers of all-time. Right now, we're starting with our honorable mentions, guys who need to work on their evilness just a bit to be forever scorned by the city of Sacramento:

Jerry West: No Laker was more evil in the 1990s than The Logo. Whether it was prying Shaq Daddy from the free agent market to ensure prolonged Pacific coast dominance, trading Vlade Divac and a McChicken sandwich for Kobe Fricking Bryant, or working out the exactly right deals to build a championship contender, West was doing it. Jealousy, I say. Jealousy of the wild popularity granted to Adam West, cult hero. Eat that, Logo.

Mitch Richmond: You can't buy love, but you can buy a championship ring. If he really loved the Sacramento fans, he'd have pawned it within 10 minutes of the ceremony. The #2 jersey hanging from the ARCO rafters is forever tainted.

Peja Stojakovic: This is simply a place-holder, because you know it's going to happen. When it does, check back here. Expletives will likely be involved.

Luke Walton: How does a guy like this get away with being in the NBA? He was, like, the seventh best guy on his college squad. It's the perm, isn't it? So fricking infuriating. In fact, I will now declare that Luke Walton is the second most infuriating player in the NBA. Second, only to....

Mark Madsen: Three years ago, if you had given me a pistol and diplomatic immunity, this sucker would be six feet under.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Our last honorable mention on the L.A. Lakers All-Evil list was dominating and goofy, just like all the great Lakers big men. Wait, did George Mikan ever appear in a hilarious movie like Sweet Lew (Airplane!) or Shaq (Kazaam)? Apparently not. Anyways, not content at abusing LaSalle Thompson and Joe Kleine, Abdul-Jabbar is Andrew Bynum's personal coach. And not only does Bynum look to be quite goofy, his post-up destruction of Diesel Monday night triggered the sense that AB will also be thoroughly dominating. I hate Kareem.

Next up: The fifth most evil Laker of all-time! Hint: he's already in Sacramento.