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Save Some Juice For The Lakers!

Wow. Way to beat the living crap out of the division leaders, guys!

You want a track meet, Phoenix? Well, here's your track meet. And your jock strap. Hope you had fun.

(I love mock trash-talking NBA franchises. It's fun.)

Brad Miller was one assist away from a triple-double. Francisco Garcia had a career high in points. So did Kevin Martin. Garcia got the double-double. So did Kenny Thomas. The Kings probably set their modern dunks record. If Darko Milicic played for the Kings and Larry Brown was the team's coach, he would've seen minutes Tuesday. Hell, Mateen Cleaves would've seen minutes Tuesday.

We get the news that Shareef Abdur-Rahim might begin his road of vengeance Thursday night. Also, our starting small forward, who shall not be named out of respect for our current starting shooting guard who played with a hip pointer despite feeling discomfort to the point where he couldn't sleep, may show up.

We get a schmoozing Vlade Divac courtside. We get a rocking arena and no post-game road rage murders. We get a positively giddy Gary Gerould. We get to 4-1 against the division. We beat the freaking Phoenix Suns by 30.

I'll take it.

(And so help me God, if KT comes out in the Wednesday's Bee and points to this game as to why he should start in front of a returning Reef, I will scream and stab someone.)