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The L.A. Lakers All-Evil Team: #2 Kobe Bryant

Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts on the most evil Lakers of all-time. Yesterday, we named our honorable mentions and the #5 most evil Laker of all-time, Vlade Divac. Earlier, we featured #4 Shaquille O'Neal and #3 Phil Jackson. Now, the second most evil Laker of all-time: Kobe Bryant.

Before we document evidence of Kobe's overall evilness, let's look at the Kings-specific pieces. Starting in 1998-99, here are Kobe Bean's overall season points per game average, his points per game average against the Kings, and the difference in the two, which we'll call "The SAC Factor," which is how many extra points KBB can swing out of his hatred for all things Northern Californian:

Season PPG vSAC SACFac
98-99 19.9 24.3 +4.4
99-00 22.5 29.0 +6.5
00-01 28.5 32.8 +4.3
01-02 25.2 26.5 +1.3
02-03 30.0 33.3 +3.3
03-04 24.0 26.3 +2.3
04-05 27.6 29.7 +2.1

There you go. He has an extra bit of evilness in him when facing our Kings.

Here is the mostly non-Sacramento proof Kobe is quite evil, even by Lakers standards:

- The guy got booed in his hometown. This was all before Shaq-Kobe blew up, before the rape trial. Sure, Kobe may have made a comment about being an L.A. guy or whatever, but still. Philadelphians see through people real good.

- When put in the pressure-packed situation of trying to get out of rape charges, he pointed the finger at his teammate-rival. Pure evil. Only the most slippery snakes can try to justify their own infidelty and alleged sin by saying that someone one else does it, too.

- He should be Jordan. But his ego is too big. He wants too much to be Jordan, that he cost himself the chance at being Jordan II. This LeBron/Kobe thing should be Magic/Bird. But with that roster in L.A., thanks to GM Kobe Bryant? Yeah right.

- He survived the food poisoning attempt. I don't endorse cyanide in the burger or anything, but damn. He should've been out at least a couple games. But his plasma is already so venomous that the stuff just ran right through him.

- He speaks fluent Italian, the parseltongue of the muggle world.

Well, that's it. It's fairly safe that we all know Kobe is evil. Not a hard case to make. Fill in the (exhaustion-caused) blanks youself.

Next up: the singularly most evil Laker (and human) of all time.