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The L.A. Lakers All-Evil Team: Around the Blogosphere Edition

Note: This post is part of a series on the evilness of the L.A. Lakers. So far, we named our honorable mentions, as well as #5 Vlade Divac, #4 Shaquille O'Neal, #3 Phil Jackson and #2 Kobe Bryant.

Before we get to our #1 most evil Laker of all-time, we thought we'd get some opinions from around the blogosphere on the darkness that comes from Los Angeles. Here's a collection of evil Lakers, as described by various sportsbloggers across the nation:

(Well, since there's only one Kobe-rape joke, let's get that one out of the way first. Take it away, Grant!)

Kobe Bryant: The guy takes it to the hole just a little too strong for my liking. - from Grant at McCovey Chronicles

(Whew. Okay, on to the rest of the collection.)

Kurt Rambis: Typical guy that you would want on your team and not have to play against. Not because he was any good, just because he annoyed the heck out of you, played dirty, and hustled hard. Besides, he was so ugly and pathetic looking, you spent half the time wondering how in the world he made it to the NBA like that. - from Jeff Clark at

Pat Riley: DUH! He looks like a bad character actor playing the role of "guy that sold his soul to the devil." He recently has said that he regrets all the physical pain he put players through in an effort to get them in game shape. Nice. - from Jeff Clark at

Kurt Rambis: When you're speaking of Lakers Evil there is none more so than Kurt Rambis. Only an unholy pact with the Devil himself could have made him an NBA player. In what I consider to be one of the great holy wars of the 80s (right up there with autobots and decepticons) was McHale vs Rambis. In 1984, game 4 of the finals, it was the swift clothesline of a young Kevin McHale and the scrum that followed that enabled the C's to walk past the Lakers on their way to one of many championships. - from Matt Bailey at The Get Buckets Brigade

James Worthy & Magic Johnson: The Lakers knocked out the Warriors in the 1987 playoffs, which doesn't exactly make friends out of our SoCal neighbors. But when it happened again in 1991, the fallout was difficult to stomach. In the off-season, (the Kings) stole Mitch Richmond from us for Billy freakin' Owens. Richmond went on to score a total of 20,000 career points, while Billy Owens put up 7,000. I'm sorry, but Run TBC doesn't work. And all of this is the fault of James Worthy and Magic Johnson -- for wiping the Warriors with the floor in two playoffs in four years. - from Dave Isaacs at The City

Magic Johnson: Magic Johnson is clearly the devil. He handed my beloved Blazers' asses to them again and again--robbed me of at least one championship celebration--and yet somehow he's right up near the top of the list of my favorite players of all time. I hate him with a passion, and I hope my kids grow up to be almost exactly like him. - from Henry Abbott at True Hoop

Karl Malone: He'll be remembered for being a Jazz man, but seeing him in a Laker uniform just felt right. It was like watching Charles Manson cover a Nickleback song; a true peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich of contempt. - from Grant at McCovey Chronicles

Derek Fisher: Derek Effing Fisher, no doubt. Even before that damned 0.4 shot. - from Matt Powell at Pounding the Rock

There it is, kids. Please post your personal lists in the comments section. #1 is coming up soon, along with a special open game thread.