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GAME 40/82, at Miami, Open Game Thread

Well, we've split with the Magic and Bobcats. Let's hope for a split versus the Heat!

Just for reference, let's see what I wrote about the last Heat match, which was Dec. 2. (It also happened to be the second game of a five-game losing streak.)

Brad Miller should shoot more.

Well, there you go.

Obviously, the Kings aren't going to smell a victory shooting 37 percent. So, scoring baskets is obviously goal #1. Also, the team should try to limit the Heat's scoring. That's goal #2.

Remember: no team has ever won without outscoring their opponent. It's a proven fact.

With that insight, it's to the lineups we go!

PG - Le Chocolat Blanc
SG - Le Flash
SF - Le James Posey
PF - Le Udonis Haslem
C  - Le Aristotle Gros

PG - Brick Bibby
SG - Brickin Martin
SF - Peja Stobrickovic
PF - Kenneth Corbrickius
C  - Brick Miller

(Yes, I called Shaq "The Fat Aristotle." Tell me it's not true.)

The line: +9. Kind of a large line, no? Nine seems like a lot. Hmm.

Fun bet o' the night: Shareef minutes. He had 19 on Thursday and 20 last night. And, oh yeah, this guy can't open his mouth. I thought it was fantastic when he yelped after being called for a foul in the second quarter. Actually I was worried. I predict 20 minutes again.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Who's the more disappointing small forward? Can we trade them, straight up? Throw Ron-Ron in there, too - just mix them up and let Indy, Sac and Miami pick one out. There you go. Problems solved.

Best matchup: The Sheriff vs. The Congressman. Maybe Shaq-Fu will try to give B-52 a cold again. (A-whiff. A-whiff.)

Here's to hoping the Kings score more than 48! A win would surely make us forget that awful Saturday game!

Let's. Go. Kings.