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What a strange game.

It's days like Saturday that I'm glad I'm not an athlete. Things are going well in the first half - everyone but Peja and Kevin are hitting their jumpers, the rebound situation isn't completely unfortunate, Steve Francis can't buy a bucket.

Then, you can't score double-digits in the third quarter? You can't get to the line if you throw your body into a crowd? You can't get more than one freaking overtime shot to fall?

Just silly. Absolutely silly. Back to five games under .500 heading to South Beach.

Utah lost and NOOCH won, so the Warriors slipped up to ninth place in the conference. Bleh. 2.5 games behind Golden State.

Nothing new on the Ron-Ron tip, though other sources around the web have said chatter is picking up on a trade this weekend, and it's probably one of the Western Conference teams Indy has already spoken to.