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The Glass Is Half-Full... Of Poison

Let's play some good news/bad news, shall we?

Good news: The Kings scored 99 Sunday night, including 24 in just the first quarter. That was quite an improvement over Saturday night in Orlando, when the Kings scored just 24 in the second half.

Bad news: The Heat scored 119, including 37 in Quarter #1. Yeah.

Good news: Peja Stojakovic was the top scorer for the Kings, putting in 19.

Bad news: It took him 19 shots to do it.

Good news: Francisco Garcia provided 14 points and 4 rebounds off the bench, and shot 60 percent.

Bad news: Starters Kevin Martin and Kenny Thomas provided 13 total points in about 50 combined minutes.

Good news: Shareef Abdur-Rahim continued his road back, scoring 11 points in 22 minutes.

Bad news: Brad Miller, whose jaw is not wired shut, scored 9 points in only 24 minutes, thanks to  foul trouble.

Good news: The Kings got to the line 18 times as a team, a marked improvement over the Orlando game.

Bad news: The Heat got to the line 31 times as a team, including 10 free throw attempts from Jason Williams.

Good news: The Kings shot markedly better against the Heat than they did against the Magic.

Bad news: Well, they shot 37 percent against the Magic. Markedly better still sucks.

Good news: The Warriors lost.

Bad news: So did the Kings.

I've really got to stop jinxing the team. On that note, I predict an 0-6 road trip.