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Not To Be The Dead Beetle in the Quiche Lorraine or Anything, But...

Sorry to spoil the Oh-My-God-Kobe-Bryant-Is-So-Great-Now-That-He's-Scored-81 orgy, but here's a fun statistic for you all to share:

Kobe Bryant 2005-06 double-doubles: 2.

Peja Stojakovic 2005-06 double-doubles: 2.

Equals, says I.

(Okay, I'm totally just screwing around. I was on the treadmill this morning at the gym when I saw the opening of SportsCenter and the headline "Kobe gets 81." My jaw literally dropped. It shouldn't have - the guy scored 62 in three quarters a couple weeks ago. But hell, man. Eighty-one is just silly. The Lamar Odom Game last week in Sactown may have snapped something in Kobe Bean's head. I'm frightened, honestly. The Mamba has been unleashed on the NBA. Hide the women and children.)