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Peja-Artest Deal Done! Or Dead? With UPDATE

Update [2006-1-24 18:22:58 by TZ]: It's dead! Amazing. Grant Napear was just on KHTK to say he just talked to Peja, who was told to show up at the arena after the game to go with the team to New York.

Who f*cking knows?

ESPN has it.

Update [2006-1-24 17:3:11 by TZ]: Had to get it up ASAP, so here are the details:

- Peja didn't go with the team to the arena for the Philly game, which starts in two hours.

- Gavin Maloof refused comment.

- Peja's agent's quote is, "We're awaiting final word."

- The league hasn't approved it yet. But there's no reason for them not to.

- No word on when Ron-Ron will join the team.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Beast is coming to Sacramento.

Update [2006-1-24 17:12:45 by TZ]: Here's The Bee's story. Also, new poll in the sidebar.

Update [2006-1-24 18:1:15 by TZ]: Todd Lerner from 120 Proof Ball incited me to actually give an opinion on the trade. Pssh. Here goes:

Excited is the word. Nervous, but excited.

Obviously, this team needed something. An elite defender/frightening psychopath is certainly something.

The Kings pre-Artest had a chance for the playoffs, but nothing more. With Artest? Who the f*ck knows!

It makes this team a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

Update [2006-1-24 18:22:58 by TZ]: Sports 1140 says the deal is dead, according to Jim Gray. What the f*ck?