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Artest Deal Reportedly OFF

I have to keep this at the top: Grant Napear, the Kings play-by-play man, was just on KHTK 1140 AM in Sacramento to say the deal is off.

He spoke to Peja, who said he was told to show up at the arena after the game to fly with the team to New York.

Jim Gray of ESPN has also said he's heard there was a hitch, seemingly on the Sacramento side.

We will update this...

Update [2006-1-24 18:36:30 by TZ]: ESPN is saying Artest told both teams he didn't want to go to Sacramento. Petrie immediately nixed the deal.

Doesn't Ron-Ron know the Kings are playing in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night? What a loon.

Update [2006-1-24 19:10:17 by TZ]: I couldn't feel worse for Peja right now. An incredible roller-coaster ride today. And he has a baby due next month. (He's not pregnant, his fiancee is.) I think I'm going to root very hard for Peja from here on out, unless he doesn't something silly like refuse to play or something. This is just insane.