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Ron-Ron A King; Will Play Friday in Boston

(Note: Keeping this at the top. Scroll down for an open game thread and other trade-releated stuff.)

Grant Napear just reported on Sports 1140 that he talked to Peja, who said it's a done deal. ESPN has reported that Artest is on his way to Boston for Friday's game.

Again, something could still happen; I'm not cashing this check until I see him wear the uniform. But it appears it is absolutely for real.

Thank you, Peja, for your 518 games in purple. May God bless your family, and may you succeed (except when facing us).

Welcome to Sacramento, Ron-Ron. (Also, I'm sending you my psychiatry bill. Thanks in advance.)

Note: An earlier version of this post attributed the Boston thing to Grant Napear. It was actually ESPN that reported that.