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The Sacramento Kings, Starring Mike Bibby

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Bibby.

                PPG   APG      FG%/eFG/TS%
Last 7 games   30.5   6.0   48.1/55.9/60.0
Since Dec 25   24.8   7.3   43.9/50.4/59.4
05-06 season   21.1   5.6   44.3/50.6/55.7
Career avg.    16.1   6.6   44.9/49.2/53.3

Mike Bibby is having the best season of his career. Since Christmas, he's been on fire. But in the last 10 days, he's been absolutely scorching hot, even by his own 05-06 standards.

He's regularly taking 20+ shots per game these days, even throwing up 30 in last night's overtime win. You have to believe that will decrease once Ron-Ron gets assimilated - but not too much. Francisco Garcia did get 13 shots last night, after all.

Artest averaged 14.8 shots a game in his month with the slow-it-down Pacers this year. Peja was averaging 13.7 shots a game with the higher-paced Kings this season. I think we can make it work without stripping Bibby and Miller of their offensive opportunities.

Right now, the team is 12th in the league in offensive efficiency. That should get better as Shareef gets back into the starting lineup - he's buckets more efficient than Kenny. Also, the bench production will improve as our starters come back. The current Kevin Martin as Sixth Man is muy exciting.

Defensively, the team is 24th in the league. That's what the Kings need to improve to be a playoff team. And that, my friends, is where Ron Artest is at his best.