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GAME 43/82: at Boston, Special Open Game Thread; THE RON-RON DEBUT!

It's the Ron-Ron debut. Need we say more?

To the lineups!

PG - Mr. West
SG - Not Wally-World. Yet.
SF - The Answer. (Ron-Ron has a question, by the way.)
PF - Big Al Jefferson
C  - Kendrick Perkins

PG - Mike Ten-non
SG - The Fresh Prince of Land Park
SF - Ladies and gentlemen, Ron F*cking Artest.
PF - Kenneth Cornelius
C  - Brad Millerson, the most underrated Kingtle.

The line: They can't possibly be allowing bets on this. Can they?

Fun bet o' the night: Loose-balls/up-for-grabs rebounds consumed by Mr. Beast? 23.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: Um, Jason Hart? No?

Best matchup: Artest (maybe rusty) vs. Pierce (maybe upset over RickyRickyRicky?). I have a feeling Artest is going to show up in this category a lot now.

Ron-Ron's question for The Answer: "Does it smell like updog in here?"

The tip is, like, 10 minutes away. I'll be doing a running diary, to be posted in the morning. Please feel free to dissect every tiny fiber of the whole Artest experience. And, uh, the game, too.

The tension is palpable. You could cut it with... a beer cup. Or a CD. Or a trade demand! (Brain overload. Sorry.)

The Ron Artest Era has arrived! Brace yo'self, foo!