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An Exercise in How Not to Shoot

That went, um, well?

No King shot over 50 percent. In fact, only one Kings shot over 39 percent - Kenny Thomas, who went 5 for 10. Brad? 38 percent. Ron-Ron? 36 percent? Bibby? 14 percent. Francisco? 30 percent. Reef? 33 percent. KMart? 25 percent. Hart? 0 percent.

The team as a whole? An incredible 30.7 percent. Absolutely astounding.

We gave B-52 a free pass the other night when he went 0-8, so we'll ignore Bibby's 2-14 performance. And Ron played with more energy than someone who hasn't been in an NBA game for almost two months has business doing. (Four steals, too, for the record.)

The Celtics defense wasn't particularly good, and this game could've been had with even a warmish fourth quarter. But, alas, the team scored but 12 in the last period.

Just to keep everyone cheerful, we'll end the analysis and instead offer this, a 50-second audio clip from halftime that includes possibly the greatest Ron-Ron quote ever:

Be back tomorrow with... something.