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Critcizing Coaches vs. Criticizing GMs

Bethlehem Shoals at Free Darko got me thinking with his post-Babcock thoughts:

This is not a defense of crappy coaches; I'm just suggesting that it's the GM we're probably in the best position to criticize. He deals not with the vicissitudes of a long, misshapen season, but with the long-term prospect of an asset's value and worth. Just as I rarely presume to know what the experience of playing in the NBA is like, I find it hard to endlessly feast upon the problematic intersection of coaching's idealism and the messy tract of practice ("in practice" and "PRACTICE?!?!"). The Babcocks of this league, though, disappoint me in the very department I spend so much time visiting, getting maximum leeway and the luxury of pure principle. Not only do I think I could GM the Raptors, I also think that next time we kill a coach for "his" actions, it would do us well to look just as hard at the GM.

We've been harsh on Adelman, though not recently. Expect a treatise on Geoff Petrie then, sometime this week.

Use this comment thread to pass judgment on Petrie's moves - Richmond-for-Webber to Peja-for Artest.