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The Game Both Teams Had No Chance of Winning Except That Both Teams Suck

Friday's game against Boston was a strange one. It was the Celtics' best chance of a W on their road trip, going against a battered Sacramento team.

And Sacramento, without three starters, wouldn't find an easier task than a road-weary, no-defense Boston squad.

But someone had to win.

That's a game where a Kings win has to be taken in stride considering the opponent and the circumstances, even if Bibby and Miller and Kenny and Kevin all went off. And if the Celtics won, they'd have to take it in stride, too. I mean, Sacramento was a horrible team when they had a lineup.

Glad the purple was on the winning side.

Other thoughts from the match:

  • Three of the top five dunks from the Kings' season came Friday (Kenny's vicious putback, KMart's alley-oop and Kenny's walk through the lane.) That first one is neck-and-neck with Shareef's offensive rebound-dunk against Portland last week.
  • More proof Brian Skinner's block on Shawn Marion during the preseason was possibly the best block ever by a King: It was something like #2 on the Kings 2005 countdown (which strangely only included moments from the first few months of the 2005-06 season, and nothing from the 2005 portion of the 2004-05 season). It was a preseason block, but it was one of the best plays from the season. Worth mentioning.
  • Ricky Davis was the only Celtic who could even wave at Bibby. MB10 is absolutely in a zone right now. His confidence is tremendous; you can see it because he keeps shooting despite a number of misses. Him being one of the only starters left probably has something to do with it.
  • Small sample size be damned: The Kings play a lot looser and more confident when Peja's wearing a suit. 4-2, for the record. And those two losses were against San Antonio (chance for overtime with the last shot) and Dallas (had a lead with six minutes left). Worth mentioning.
  • Kevin Martin has arrived.
  • The Kings looked good in the zone. And Rick Adelman looked very active, very animated. Kind of like the game Sactown won in Seattle. Strange coincedence? Quick, someone get Adelmania a Jolt or Red Bull or something.
  • ARCO will be rocking tonight. Youngsters are playing well, Bibby and Brad are doing everything right, Webb will be in the house. It's looking very good.
Sixers preview coming a bit later!