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GAME 29/82: vs. Philadelphia, Open Game Thread

I was planning on wowing people with my top 10 Chris Webber moments, but I ran out of time.

So, that'll wait until Sacramento visits Philadelphia. (Of course, CWebb will be injured that game, screwing me once again.)

So let's just get to it, quickstyle. The lineups!

PG - Allen "MVP Candidate, But Not Playing As Well As Chauncey" Iverson
SG - Andre Iguodala
SF - Kyle Korver
PF - Some dude who may or may not be familiar to Sacramento residents and Tyra Banks.
C  - Steven "Sam Dalembert Is Apparently Out" Hunter

PG - The Unguardable Mike Bibby
SG - The High-Flying Kevin Martin
SF - The Highly Infuriating Peja Stojakovic
PF - The Possesed Kenny Thomas
C  - The Point-Guard-on-Stilts Brad Miller

The line: -1.5. Identical to the Boston line. Worth mentioning.

Fun bet o' the night: Chris Webber and Allen Iverson combined missed field goals. Forty isn't out of the realm of possibility. I'm serious.

Sideshow most likely to be entertaining: The second episode of The Kenny Thomas Show. Kenneth Cornelius dropped a bombshell in the first episode Friday, forcing us to watch the second. Can he keep it up?

Best matchup: MB10 vs. The Answer is a no-brainer. I almost expect Mo Cheeks to put Webb on Congressman Miller and stick Hunter out on KT. And I wouldn't be surprised if Adelmania did the same on the other end. So, that could be fun. You know, if Bee-rad and Cee-webb match up.

Tidbit that doesn't fit anywhere else, so we'll stick it here because we're lazy and uncreative: Too bad Kings games still aren't Channel 31. Then, CWebb could pre-empt The Tyra Banks Show. And no one would watch anyways. That'd be fun.

It's on baby! Three in a row? Why not?