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Be Back Shortly

Sorry for the New Year's weekend absence. It certainly wasn't planned. But neither was this:

That's not me or my car - the TZmobile was actually in the highest parking space in the lot (due to dumb luck, not active planning). And the apartment was fine, as was the Mrs. TZmobile. But the scary flooding Saturday caused quite a few problems throughout the weekend, including knocking out internet access and intermittent power outages, that prevented me from the site. I was totally worried I'd wake up and Peja would have been traded. Glad to see that didn't happen in my absence (or am I?)

Sometime today, I should be able to conjure up my thoughts on Friday's exciting pre-flood game, share my favorite Matt Barnes moments and preview tonight's Philadelphia game. Until then, read some of the links on the right. I'm planning on redoing the blogroll sometime soon, and those links may or may not still be there. You should hedge your bet and read them now, just in case.