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Damn You Jalen Rose


What a horrible loss. You come back from down 11 with 5 to go, force overtime, go up 6 with 2 left in OT, watch the other team's best player foul out, and then lose? How's that happen?

And I appreciate that Ron-Ron is guaranteeing the playoffs. That's awesome. I mean, the team is eight games under .500 and just wrapped up an awesome 1-5 road trip. Is that the right time to guarantee the playoffs? Probably not. But it's ballsy.

You could probably chalk this one up to being payback for the Raptors game in Sacramento earlier this season, where Jalen Rose watched his game-winner fall in and out. It's tough to get two wins against a team that pretty much outplayed you both times you played.

Bibby has to be getting some All-Star love from Avery Johnson right now. 35+ in five of the last nine. If it wasn't for all the Ron-Ron hoopla, the guy would be at the top of the C section in The Bee daily.

And, this Artest guy is pretty good. I'll take him.