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Handlebar Mustache? Good. Wintery Shadow Beard? Bad.

Okay, so why the hell did it take Brad Miller six seasons to throw on the handlebar? I mean, especially when he came to Sacramento - there should have been a stipulation in the contract to ditch the goatee in favor of the rural firefighter's special, right?

I can't put an exact date on when the Congressman started rocking the handlebar, but I'm thinking it was the Portland game. Since then, he's averaging 22.8 points, 10.8 rebounds and on 54% shooting.

More handlebar!

And I'm not blaming Tuesday's loss on The Bearded One - Bibby was icy, Kevin stands around when he's on the floor with Peja, Kenny was way underutilized - but damn. This team looks a lot worse when Peja is playing. A lot. It's probably not Peja's fault either - damn these other players for letting up when he's in there.

No one on the Sixers was unstoppable last night, and one King was. I'm glad he got 22 shots; I might have been furious otherwise. But only two attempts in the fourth quarter? Not bueno. Not bueno at all.

Watching Peja last night, you knew there was something wrong, even if you couldn't put a finger on it. Thanks to Popcorn Machine's Gameflows, we can put a finger on it: Peja had a +/- of -28. Ouch. (This means that while he was on the court, the Kings were outscored by 28 points.) And of course, Peja played the most minutes last night.

I hope to God this is a showcase. Free Peja, indeed - to another city.