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Mostly Miscellany, "Free Vince Young!" Edition

I don't do this often, but I'm going to tackle a sport other than basketball this morning.

  • I don't know that a winning drive has ever been as exciting and as inevitable as last night's. When the Trojans got stopped on fourth, it was pretty much a given that Vince Young was going to run for a touchdown with very little time left. He was unstoppable, turning it over on downs is depressing, the SC defense was tiring. As thrilling as it was (unless you're an SC fan), it was wholly inevitable.
  • F*ck being gutsy. You are trying to win a GD championship and make history! And I know your punt coverage team isn't the greatest, but hell. Kick it out of bounds. Make Texas at least work for the win. Don't hand the ball off to them at midfield. Geez.
  • Speaking of Pete Carroll showing he may not deserve those previous two championship trophies... what the hell is with the timeout management? Mike Martz, is that you? They used one in the first couple minutes of the third quarter, one in the early fourth quarter, and the last one before the two-point conversion. Are you kidding me? You have 19 seconds left. You're down by one and facing a two-point conversion attempt by the other team. Either way, you'll have to drive about 50 yards in 19 seconds to either try to win or send it to overtime. That's the important thing, though. The next drive, which must be completed in 19 seconds. You could probably use a timeout during said drive. It's a cost-benefit analysis that an 8th-grader could do, for God's sake. Absolutely stupid call.
  • I won't lie. I half-expected Reggie Bush to somehow get the ball on the kick-off and run it back for a touchdown. Would've been the perfect cap to the season, really - Vince gets Texas the lead with an awe-striking outside run, Reggie closes the deal for SC with a ridiculous scamper.
  • Speaking of Reggie Bush: have you ever seen a guy get 200 yards from scrimmage and have a disappointing game before? Absolutely silly.
  • Matt Leinart will probably not work out in the NFL, I think. His attitude is horrible - he said "whatever" approximately 204 times during his press conference. He actually said that SC was a better team, but Texas made plays at the end when he was leaving the field. Haven't athletes learned their lesson? When you take credit away from a championship team, you look bad. Humble is good. Whiny is bad. Hell, man. I would not draft this guy in the first round unless I knew I had a trade partner. All the bad signs are there. Complete opposite of Carson Palmer. Palmer is a Tommy Trojan type - a stoic leader, strong, crafty. Leinart is like the frat boy wants to steal the Tommy Trojan costume - drunk, conceited and a jerk.
  • If Vince and Reggie both come out, you absolutely have to take Vince with the first pick. He's like Steve Young on fast-forward. Bush will be an NFL star, I'm sure. Well, as long as someone teaches him to not try to lateral the ball at the end of a 50-yard run deep in your opponents territory when you're up 7-0 in the first quarter and you have said opponents in a testicular deathgrip should you score a touchdown on this drive with a touchdown on this play not being particularly important since you'll have a first down coming and you play for the greatest offense in college football in at least a decade. Also, making sure your teammate realizes a lateral is coming might be beneficial.
  • Bill O'Reilly vs. David Letterman was fun. I think Dave actually low-balled O'Reilly a little when he said about 60 percent of what he says is crap. I'd say it's more like 75-80 percent.
  • If I'm a NFL GM, I do not hire Pete Carroll. Ever. I do, however, find a way to draft the entire Texas secondary, both teams' offensive lines, Texas' tight end (the new Brent Jones) and LenDale White (the new Jerome Bettis, but kinda fast).
  • Keith Jackson, despite losing brain matter more rapidly than Bobby Brown in Amsterdam, is a national treasure. We should cryogenically freeze him and only pull him out for the biggest of big college football games, like last night. Kevin Harlan, who can be delightful in certain situations, better have been taking notes last night.
  • There's no way Vince or Reggie are staying. No way in hell.
Alright, I'm spent. College football is quite exhausting, actually.