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Mostly Miscellany, Waifish Reef and Ginger Bonzi

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Alright, so half this stuff is just going to come straight out Amick's story.

  • Shareef is still six weeks away, according to Adelman. Which means All-Star break. Which is rather close to the trade deadline. Which means Kenny Thomas is going to be around a while, possibly all season. I don't think Petrie is going to allow Corliss Williamson to start for this team, even for a couple weeks while Reef gets back into shape.
  • Bonzi is still a couple weeks away, too. The interesting note here is that he officiated a Kings scrimmage Monday. Can't imagine how Peja fared in said game.
  • Justin Kubatko of has a neat piece at Courtside Times on who wins close games (hint: not necessarily the best teams). He does prove a good common sense theory: elite teams win a lot of blowouts. Subpar teams lose a lot of blowouts.
  • The Chicago Sun-Times is talking about Peja to the Bulls, but in the offseason. It looks like the CHI will have about $15 million in cap space. Their season is going down fast - they should just give us Luol Deng already. (Via Ben Maller.)
  • After only a quarter of watching Cavs vs. Rockets, I was already exhausted by Cleveland's PA guy. Have a Zanax. Jesus.
  • I've pretty much stopped listening to KHTK. I don't think I need to explain myself, really. But this is pretty funny:
Sacramento, where the Pacers play Sunday, has not been mentioned in Artest-related rumors. That hasn't stopped media speculation, however. A spokesman for KHTK, the Kings flagship station, said Thursday it planned to report that the Pacers, Denver and Golden State would complete a three-way trade today. Artest and Scot Pollard were to go to Denver, with the incoming players uncertain.

That was news to Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh.

"There's no truth to that," he said in a telephone interview from his home, adding that no deal was imminent.

Remember: See a Clipper? Poison him!