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Another KT-Reef Tussle

Joe Davidson from the Sacramento Bee tells us about another minor scrum between Kenny Thomas and Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

Nothing "serious," though when your two power forwards go after each other twice in six months, there just might be fire there.

I plan on writing a longish post on this sometime this week, but right now I don't think Kenny starting and Reef coming off the bench in November would be a horrible thing. On multiple levels. Again, I'll write about that more later.

In the meantime, let's hope no jaws get broken. And let's hope Ron Artest doesn't read the paper:

Ron Artest admittedly was feeling silly after Monday's practice. Recalling what he considers the best fight he had seen in a training camp or practice, Artest said, "I think it was when Vitaly (Potapenko) smacked Mike (Bibby) in the head."

"What?" Bibby demanded. "That never happened. That must have been one of those times Ron blacked out. You know he blacks out 75 percent of the time. He probably didn't take his medicine this morning."

Bibby is quickly again becoming one of my favorite players. Remember his smackdown of Charles Barkley in 2004? It was a pregame interview on TNT. Chuck said something about the Kings not being built to win a title. Bibby asked Chuck what he knew about winning titles. It was awesome.