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Important Reminder: The Season Doesn't Start Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Kings' first preseason game, in Dallas against the reigning Western Conference champions. It's exciting, sure. It's one step closer to some real NBA basketball.

But tomorrow is not real NBA basketball. It's the preseason. It's the first game of preseason. It's a glorified scrimmage.

Dave from Blazers Edge wrote a tremendous post last month that resonates very loudly as preseason arrives. It's the Ten Commandments of the Preseason. A sample:

THOU SHALT NOT put any stock whatsoever in any team's pre-season record or what it might indicate.

THOU SHALT NOT clamor for a player who gets 22 minutes a game in pre-season (for purposes of evaluation and giving the veterans a rest) to get that same 22 minutes once the regular season starts.

THOU SHALT NOT pass judgment on the current year's draft picks until at least an entire season has passed, preferably two or three.  Pre-season is too soon!

Please, remember this in the coming weeks. I'm going to try to.