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Hey bus driver! Look out for Bonzi's old agent! He's right underneath you!

Bonzi Wells speaks out about ex-agent William Phillips and the sour Sacramento negotiations in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

"To this day, I'm really sick about the Sacramento situation. ... My agent did a horrible job of communicating both sides. My agent was new in the game and he was trying to play hardball. But the Kings weren't people you had to play hardball with. They wanted me to be there."

I think Bonzi is mostly telling the truth here, although who knows how much he had to do with the initial rejection of $8 million for five seasons - which was clearly the best he would command anywhere. By offering that amount of money, the Kings (the Maloofs?) definitely wanted to see Bonzi back in purple. If not, they wouldn't have made a big public offer. Geoff Petrie can be very quiet when he wants to.

I wonder what William Phillips is doing these days.