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Surprise, surprise. Potapenko hasn't passed the conditioning test.

Right now, I can't think of anything that would surprise me less:

Vitaly Potapenko has logged 10 NBA seasons and can safely say he's never run this much.

Like his teammates, the veteran center is in his first training camp directed by first-year coach Eric Musselman, and he feels it every morning. A conditioning test required of all the Kings has been a trudging-uphill exercise in futility. He's the only one yet to pass.

Is there a single Kings fan out there who would rather see this guy stay in town come November instead of keeping Justin Williams? Potapenko is owed $3.6 million, for the record. And I doubt he could get a 6th round NFL draft pick in return at this point.

It's the Maloofs' money, not ours. And it's Geoff Petrie's trade deadline piece or expiring contract, not ours.

But still. This dude doesn't belong.