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PRESEASON GAME 1/8 - at Dallas, Open Game Thread

I'm excited. You excited? I'm excited.

Here's why:

  • How is Musselman going to act on the sidelines? Entirely different than Adelman, I'm going to guess. That's exciting.
  • How quick is Bibby going to appear? Much quicker than when we last say him, I'm going to guess. That's exciting.
  • How tough will Brad look in the paint? Who knows. I'm still excited to see, though.
  • Our first real glimpses at Quincy Douby, Loren Woods, and John Salmons in Kings purple. And maybe even some Louis Amundson, Pooh Jeter, and Justin Williams. That's exciting.
  • Who's going to start at power forward? Actually, this makes me nervous. I predict Kenny, though.
  • Will Ron-Ron sink his first field goal attempt (which will absolutely be a three-point shot)?
  • Will Big Nasty get some run?
  • Will the Ronnie Price Era supplant the Jason Hart Era? (Meaning: Will Price get off the bench before Hart?)
  • Will Potapenko play? (If not, I think he's done.)
So many questions. Preseason games don't mean crap - but a lot of questions start to get answered tonight. That's exciting.

It's a 5:30p Pacific tip. Comcast for the locals, League Pass for those out of town. Radio on 1140 AM, as well. And in case you forgot, these threads should be used to discuss the matchup before, during, and after the game. It is your canvas.

Let's go Kings!