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The Justin Williams Appreciation Thread

If you missed the game, check the comments in the open game thread for louismg's terrific running recap.

Here are the positives I took away from it:

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Justin Williams. The boxscore (9 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks) doesn't do his performance justice. He looked nothing like the raw rookie he is. This kid belongs on this team.
  • Ronnie Price taking it straight Erick Dampier was absolutely fantastic. Definitely worth the price of admission.
  • Mike Bibby and Brad Miller look 10 times better than they did this time last season.
  • John Salmons got more comfortable as the game went along. He and Shareef Abdur-Rahim actually showed some nice chemistry together in both the second and fourth quarters. A hopeful sign.
  • Eric Musselman coached the entire game. He was barking instructions at Pooh Jeter (note: pronounced Jet-er, not Gee-ter) with a 30-point lead and 90 seconds to go. Nice change.
  • Shareef was talking constantly to Salmons, Louis Amundson, Williams, and the crew. Nice leadership.
The negatives? They were few, and we're going to ignore them until, say, November.