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What does Ron Artest have in common with a 13-year-old girl?

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According to the Indianapolis Star, several NBA players have called Pacer Stephen Jackson to tell dude to keep his head up after his recent Billy-the-Kid-in-Bill-and-Ted's-Excellent-Adventure-like troubles.

You'd expect Ron Artest to be one of those guys. The two were best friends in Indy. Hell, I was just relieved Artest wasn't with Jackson when it went down. I'm all for the Kings never playing in the same city Jackson is for the rest of dude's career.

But Artest didn't just call - he left a MySpace message for Jackson. Okay, marinate on that: Ron Artest has a MySpace. Stephen Jackson has a MySpace. Ron Artest leaves messages for Stephen Jackson on MySpace when the voicemail box is full. Savor that.

Another player of note who rang Jackson: Mike Bibby. Yes, Mike Bibby called to console Stephen Jackson after Stephen Jackson squeezed off a few warning shots outside a nightclub after getting hit by a car by some troublemakers.

Why? The two have never played together, don't have the same alma mater, never been mentioned as being friends.

Maybe Bibby has some residual sympathy for the guy after his own bouts with nightclub "gangsters" last fall? ("Gangsters" here refers allegedly to a groupie-type autograph seeker and her mom.)

God, the NBA is strange. And awesome. Someone needs to find Artest or Jackson's MySpace.