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NBA Blog Previews - Boston and New Jersey

For the rest of October, the basketblogosphere is working together to preview the NBA. Every team has at least one blogger looking in depth at the squad, assessing its chances and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. The whole thing was put together by Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog.

Fitting then, that Jeff kicked things off yesterday with his Celtics preview.

Along with Jeff, the fellows from LOY's place and Celtics 17 also previewed the C's. Those previews are here and here, respectively.

New Jersey is today. Nets Daily took the task, and the preview is right here.

The Knicks are tomorrow. You can see all of the previews on the central NBA Blog Previews website, which will be updated every damn day between now and October 30, which is when our own Kings preview goes live on the site. (Yeah, as if I need more reason to procrastinate.)