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Getting Apoplectic on Bill Simmons

Without too much comment, I'll point you at two dressings-down of fair columnist Bill Simmons from Big Daddy Drew at NFL-focused blog Kissing Suzy Kolber - one of which is rational and thought-provoking and one of which is maniacal and hilarious.

I've made my thoughts on Simmons' deadbeatism known in the past. In short, I think the guy is exactly what Drew calls him out as: incredibly self-assured and obviously holier-than-us. He's a classic example of someone who works his tail off to break down massive barriers (in this case, being a serious sportswriter working exclusively on the web) only to spit on those that try to follow through his passage to success. Doesn't it seem Simmons would love nothing more than to recreate those boundaries he toppled with his old AOL site and the first few years at ESPN?

He doesn't owe us crap, and I make no claims to know what kind of person he actually is. But it'd be nice if he were a little more respectful of his fans and fellow writers.