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Four Point Guards and a Microphone

Need a reminder that preseason results mean little? Eric Musselman ran the following lineup out on the floor for about 3-4 game minutes last night:

Ronnie Price/Quincy Douby/Francisco Garcia/John Salmons/Shareef Abdur-Rahim

Yes, John Salmons at power forward. He lined up inside of Amare Stoudemire on several Marcus Banks free throw attempts.

Of course, the Suns were rolling with:

Steve Nash/Banks/Leandro Barbosa/Raja Bell/Stoudemire

... at the time, if I remember correctly. So it was kind of a dwarf-fest.

I can almost guarantee this lineup will never happen in the regular season. (Even though the Kings made up some ground during this stint - but that's more because the Suns were missing rather open shots.) We're sad about that, because we came so close to our dearest wish - Ron Artest at center.

(And even if "Four Point Guards and a Shareef" happened sometime this season, it would quiver in the face of Isiah's Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. If you can't beat it, why even try?)

Anyways, I didn't watch the whole game. Thursday is TiVo Hell at the TZ house. So, I recorded a late replay of the game and I'll probably watch the balance this weekend.

Instead, I caught two hilarious slices of comedy - the Mr. Roboto scene from My Name is Earl and the Big Tuna breaking out The Cardigans on The Office. And also some Yadier Molina magic.

So, when does the regular season start? I'm getting antsy.